Beautiful Asexual

I’m inclined, but in a desire that is exempt from indulgent ecstasy. There are very few things which deliberate the action and remedy to illness. We can blame the exogenous factors which are seen throughout the windows or we can simply relate to our own dilemmas in the mirror. We often neglect the latter; for […]

Love’s Dictum

You’re surrounded by the marvels of human struggle. You smile at rebellion as it motivates you to create the will to break free. I never meant to translate that a future was inconceivable. I just want more than meets the eyes. “A depth into sensation wherein the glances of glory; transforms our hearts.” Seeing the […]

Sleepless Rumors

The rumor has been put to sleep, and the death of delusional magic has arrived. I’ve been met with the warmth of clouds before; except they have been on the ground. Fresh dew; appearing on the grass. These clouds have fallen down and I’ve walked through their weightless and Nonexistent feeling before. At last; in […]

Lingering Amputation

For those of you once in a relationship, you know how it is, to cut somebody off when you realize their position has diminished. Why keep a member still around, when the membrane is poisoned? It’s the reality that becomes even more piercing when you move according to the flow. Not everyone is suppose to […]