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Meeting Prince For The First Time (3 YEARS AGO)



I was going through some old blog posts, and I found a blog where I discussed meeting him in a dream. Three Years ago exactly today, I wrote a blog about meeting Prince. This was right at the start of my Prince adventure. I did not know hardly anything about his albums, sure I knew some information about his stand on the music industry, but not much more about him, I really knew. THAT all changed when I saw him on the BET Awards in 2010. He looked familiar but also someone who I had no idea where he came from. I remember they honored him, and he stood out to me. Almost like somebody who I was going to meet and that happens to me sometimes. NO. I am not this meditative weirdo, stalking person around because I feel a ‘Connection’. HA! BUT sometimes you can recognize a past, present, or future presence that has not fulfilled themselves in the moment you remembered them. AND when the truth sounds like a memory, it’s meant to be right? (Prince is not the truth, but he is a medium I met in time and space, that I dreamed about conversing withMind you three years ago, a lot in my life was very different. I just got out of High school and straight into my first serious relationship. It was also a time where I studied and became deeper into the sharing of the ‘Gospel’ my interpretive illustration of this, is funny to read again, but even more amazing, to know some of it came true, and the rest may possibly be in the works? WHO KNOWS? THIS was before my YouTube Channel. Long before I knew anything about Prince’s prolific nature of an artist. I guess you can say, I had never heard more than 7 FULL songs by Prince. Nevertheless, I wrote this:

“I just had the craziest dream! That, I just met Prince in person! I’m sure this was caused by the BET awards 2010. Not only did I meet him, but I shared with him the gospel of Jesus Christ! Lol. It was spectacular!  He had the same outfit he wore at the BET awards, & he started to cry, & we were just rejoicing in God! And I shared with you all, how & where I met him on Tumblr in the dream. I don’t know why I had this dream, and I don’t know why I’m sharing it with you all! Haha. (Maybe because I did in the dream?..lol) But it’s one of those things that rarely happens to me. I’ve always admired Prince & his talent. The fact that he’s a mysterious person, changing his name to a symbol. His style and extreme lean to a sexually provocative message. The guy is a mystery. He has so many sides to him, he believes his music should be controlled by him since he wrote & produced it all. Therefore, you won’t find hardly ANY youtube videos with him and his craft there, because currently, he believes the world should not see this or listen to them, without his sole permission. So now, it’s not easy to get a hold of Prince & his previous music videos and live performances. He’s a changed man, who’s very much consumed in his faith. I respect him very much, I don’t know what persuaded me to tell you this? BUT. There’s one thing the world can’t deny: The ongoing transformation & mystery of Prince. I feel we’ll never know until slowly he reveals something new! Prince is the man, though! His influence has reached millions!” -Jestereye7x – (6.29.10. https://tinyurl.com/yapbouqh

I find this post so incredible, because who would have ever thought I would actually get a chance to meet him? Sure, I did not talk about Faith and God, (Not at length anyway) but we did meet, and talking to him at all was literally a dream that came true. I’ve learned so much more about Prince since three years and I realize that he is a one of a kind, artist. Still glad for the knowledge and the mutual understanding and respect I have for his craft. Three years, later, I’ve grown to see his many changes and his constant musical serenades. He constantly reinvents himself and he is a teacher to me. SCHOOL IS IN PEOPLE.  Prince is cool, blessed to realize the metamorphoses and kept stories to tell!

Mind's Eye Thinking...Into Paradise Clarity

Strangely Pivoting

I’ve for so long, written and rewritten descriptions of who I am, and what I stand for. I love words, and expression and such. I don’t find the need to invent and start somewhere new since this truth is everlasting! Surely, I grow but I sometimes I’m asked, tell me about yourself? My words are sometimes too dense to understand, but if you don’t catch my drift, then maybe you will in the future. That is often the story, for those who listen to me.

I feel being subservient subjects the desire to crack out of a house of glass (Despite extreme conditions). Therefore, I question the reason to accept things as they are presented to me.

Let’s just say I like to take out the guts of things!

You would think after the great love I have For words, I can arrange them to describe Me.

I along with everything else in the universe am a bit more complex to define. Lost in translation, and articulation, especially since I am the one telling a story. It is through the focused the pivot of strangers, where the truest example of the relationship is made known.

In other words, by the central foot of random, intimacy is created! When we expand ourselves by the physical touch our company is joined. We become like twins in the womb, while silent our hunger pounds at the starving belly. When being fed the proper nutritious milk, our bones gain strength to fight! From mercury to the islands of metal utopia, it is found by grand design.

If you still don’t know what that means:

I’ve Arrived Within A Blossom Chamber

While The Wrestling Silhouettes Personify – Paused Mannerisms

What Was Uniformly Known Was Consumed In A Coma

Love’s Dictum Now Produces Paradise Clarity!

Eye See Graceful Auxiliaries.

Still, don’t know?
I’m a metaphor and I speak the language of symbols.
Mind's Eye Thinking...Into Paradise Clarity

Threatened Perplexity (XES)

The verbal proposal is laid out on the table. I find myself in joy as I actually entertain the thoughts of perplexed passion, in an exotic abyss.

I’ve been awarded a trophy, but I have never even run the race for a prize. I simply ran because I convinced myself; a monster of annihilation beckoned, my very existence.

I’ve never been one to go into the closets of life; I rather become threatened by the horror of those who have the power to conclude my every direction.

If that direction; supplements the aimlessness of my race; my championship is won. The race is not in vain; my legs have threatened the pavement I stand on.

I remember writing that piece soon after the proposal was laid out before me and these past days I’ve examined the wonder of sex. AHH! SEX IN THE SUMMER – GETTING IT ON! It’s a perplex situation that indeed is threatening. I don’t care how good the sex is; YOU won’t change that person’s personality. They’ll still dance to their own DNA of motive! Their motive doesn’t have to be parallel or symmetrical to you, but what does that matter, if you don’t know, what’s under the floor?! I believe it is very important, to examine that EVEN as sex can be the best, it does not change someone’s life. NOW if you just want to have sex, then go ahead, but please consider the risks. Preparation is crucial! This might seem perplexing, but what is more, a greater threat than to allow your emotions to swallow you whole.

IF sex is what creates the bliss of ecstasy,  there must be something under the floor; a foundation. If you just start at SEX at the beginning, then that will be expected in the middle and end. AND can you really get angry, if somebody you hardly know,  finds out they don’t like you..after you intend to pursue a relationship with them? Not really, because if their true indulgence is what you gave to them through an exercise of the physical, it was not enough to keep them around.

I’ve always looked at conversation over the course of multiple periods, to set a relationship. If I just enter the sugar walls, then how can a focus be determined outside of that? Sex backward is XES.

Which sets the tone for your next step.

X = Unknown Causes

E = Evokes

S = Space

FORWARD OR BACKWARD IS THE ANSWER. Which one would you rather understand?

Poems, Prose, and Songs

Genetical Madness


Aggressive waves of simplified meanings describe a dictionary of a challenge.

Paranoia arises at the tip of anxiousness, seeking to someday bring reasonable negotiations at the table of chaos.

The heart wishes to comfort that which was swallowed up in appeared love.

The DNA of hope contained a paralleled envelope of disaster.

As health seemed to deteriorate; the mind pondered what might happen to the strength to hold the weight up?

Becoming heavier as time vacuums the reality in exchange for a hired illusion.

The secret cell of discharge follows back to the blood type which gives positivity.

Aggressive waves of simplified meanings describe a dictionary of a challenge.

And by that definition; the thesaurus of ease should harmonize decision.

When something is aggressively explained there is a massive challenge.

So the synonymous should reconcile with whatever is agreed.

In my explanation, I am losing myself.

BUT You’ll probably understand it years from now, that’s how my writings usually are.



Mind's Eye Thinking...Into Paradise Clarity

Innocence + Knowledge!

“And that’s what innocence is. It’s simple and trusting like a child, not judgmental and committed to one narrow point of view. If you are locked into a pattern of thinking and responding, your creativity gets blocked. You miss the freshness and magic of the moment. Learn to be innocent again, and that freshness never fades.Human knowledge consists not only of libraries of parchment and ink – it is also comprised of the volumes of knowledge that are written on the human heart, chiseled on the human soul, and engraved on the human psyche.”

– Michael Jackson

Poems, Prose, and Songs

Encrypted Causality

 It was hidden in the manifestation of what was seen through its magical purpose.
The codes longed for a secret, to be kept in the sincerity of delivery.
The affairs given to those with authority; has bypassed those with the motive to eavesdrop.
As the key transcends the usual behavior of preparation, protection is governed by secret walls.
Through the passage of confidentiality; the matrix which begins at the trusted integrity which secures information!
The frames of determination begin to question the method of what is known through relationship.
The both of you understand the philosophy of statistics and economics, and its research is left for those who are slothful.
Time has no space, for the controls of schedule.