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Ambient Sells


I had a vision of a day like this only about 3 months ago, a surreal experience alien to my most memorable paralysis. I had just gotten a vehicle and while joyful, I became vexed with worry. “What IF I lose my keys!? What IF someone steals my car” As anything in this material world often allows, possession began to take a toll on me. I started to undress rapidly, the concern for my most prized possession. I soon became suddenly wrapped with a CELL, which seemed to sell me into worthy. O, the cost to sail away by the boat of anxiety.

“I am late for work! Yet, I am very tired! I should get ready to go. The skies are ambient, colors of purple and yellow within a serenade of primitive desire. If only, I could capture the Wisdom of the sky. As I turn on the ignition, I get caught up in the vastness of my sleep. I realize I can’t drive in this state, so I intend on parking my car. However I am laden heavy with exhaustion, so I am going to park it just anywhere. I have to get out! I return to my room, as I lay down to respond to the beckoning exhaust; I awaken suddenly! I am then told; as I prepare to walk outside. “You’re in a cell; don’t sell out when you turn the knob.” As I turn the knob, I notice I am in a jail cell and SUDDENLY SCREAM AND SHOUT, Then I faint to my knees! How could this be true? I suddenly hear a woman’s voice frantically calling my name! ” Jesse!! Jesse!! ” I begin to pray within myself as my hope begins to build upon the next. I feel a rush of sudden relief as the spirit assures me of the great Calm! I awaken again from the state of shock. I walk outside to look for my vehicle, I can’t find it, so I return back to sleep. What becomes of these colors in the sky, is the acceleration of destination.”

Somehow, these events happen but only in a dream-like state. I remember actually believing them to only realize I was caught in Sleep Paralysis.

I remember actually believing them to only realize I was caught in Sleep Paralysis.

Today, I actually became a victim of a collision, caused by a squirrel in the road, which blinded for a moment my friend who ran into the back of my car. I immediately became worried and checked if she was OK and she was although her car was pretty much destroyed, while mine was intact.

Cells lock up inside and the fears we have are often coded and disguised. We must not allow them to SELL themselves to us. The ambient colors often shattering reminders of color. Colors meant to be exhibited!

Mind's Eye Thinking...Into Paradise Clarity

I’m In The Linking Business!


I can’t usher in the rush.
Cog Black Bank

What has made me blush all along, is the fractions of being uneasy. The parallels of desire and what is actually seen. Dates and calendars are responsible for calculation that is sped by the planning of priority. I’ve only discovered in the process of consumption, the importance of linking. I am in the linking business, and this discovery has allowed a sense of breathing.

You may be in school, and halfway through, you decide to change your major. WHO cares what others think, you changed it because your heart moved you into a different direction. This is the nature of the expedition, you become familiar with alien and common monsters. On the road, you see signs, and many of them are directions reminding you of the landscape you are not precisely aware of.


I’ve become governed by the whims of proving a revelation when these things are not meant to be. Allowing manifestation to show up, is only a commanded normality. Therefore, my expense is now the laying down of information, capturing it, and then forming a line by its detail. Everything in line, only then can I pantomime in the direction necessary.


I’ve realized only recently, that money is energy. Energy can’t be created, only converted. It’s not like, I can create money, I mean I can, but not in the context of my garden.

Everything is now blossoming in the direction, of its chamber. IF I really am in this blossom chamber, as I’ve been saying for a while now; why not allow the rain to fall?


These links are being discovered, and now I understand the joy of conversation a bit more.

ALL along, I needed it to myself, before I gave it to others.

Mind's Eye Thinking...Into Paradise Clarity

Alive By Creations

I really DIG new ideas. How they inspire and somehow shape how we perceive innovation and invention. We’re all creators because we have been crafted with a grasp, an interpretive power that allows life to be understood (only by our mind.) So there is magic, bliss, and all of these powers. They rush, and they gush. We are elated by their mention in mind. At random, caught in a glance, we can see something, not fully developed but the seed is grand.

We undress by the manifestation of comfort, and we spell when the letters come together. Can I explain it, not really? In the most intimate knowledge of ourselves, no ones know quite like YOU. Our life is crafted by codes and formulas, everything given by less and less. Less is with more, and the unifying conjecture of creation is bestowed.

SO beyond all of us, we are to step aside. Glowing in the silence because noise is there, and it’s an alarm that you’re alive.


If U listen once, U will listen twice…my body can’t escape it cause eye feel so nice

Ejaculation perfect rhythm…guaranteed 2 leave u feeling like a cookie wall…. – A wet cookie wall

The dopamine rush is about 2 commence Y’all!

–    88 N I E C N I R P ^^



Poems, Prose, and Songs

Rigid Stimulation

Rigid Stimulation

Enticing…Rigid Enticement.

I’ll go ahead and bite because I’ve been strapped by the fallacy of a poison.

Rushing through my veins.

Not moving because of a station parked at the edge of the concrete ice.

Exploring a new adventure and bringing comfort to the muscle of contraction.

Within the garden of right and wrong is the appeal of the rose and its thorns.

The thorns made an agreement with my flesh and the result was the blood.

Just then, the blood raced down my finger.

I began to contemplate why I held it with excitement.

Still, my caress was that of sheer amazement, for beauty is with threatening expense.

As enticing and engaging as it became, my grasp became honored with delight!

The stimulation left me once again, rigid.

I couldn’t help but move into ecstasy.