Rareness // Traces


Every single person is Rare and contains Traces that only we are capable of leaving.

Unique and individual pieces of us are scattered throughout our lives – only to be felt and seen by someone else.

We carry within our essence, Traces of creative ambitions and details which all point to who we are.

No single thing has ever existed like YOU, which makes YOU Rare.

To the point of benevolent discovery.

The same goes for everyone else.

When one stumbles across our path and can see clear indications of unique pattern and print, they swoon.

It’s not always what’s done from us.

It’s merely our presence and the performance that blows people away.

Our energy and how it Illuminates another’s route.

We take for granted, the ways we achieve inspiration by simply being who we are at the moment.

Knowing what is inside of YOU and being true to what you know.

It starts with really what you know, then you can go from there.

Take pride, in knowing your essence and your glow.

Not that you are the WHOLE – BUT that the pieces that YOU reveal, make up the WHOLE of each of us, as a collective.

We are each are our own storytellers.

The Traces are picked up from our experiences, the way we mold color and the ways in which we personify persuasion.


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