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I realize drama is a narration of passionate expression.

It can have its fair share and be extra sometimes.

But, we both know we don’t have to tolerate it – even if the roots are passionate and sincere.

I’m going to drink another one, and we’ll be on our way with our day!

The Cough is Literally The Indicator To Your Inner Expressions. No Matter How Dramatic They Appear, Water Helps!

Poems, Prose, and Songs

Oxygen Away


As I reflect within myself of the choices I’ve made and the paths I’ve chosen.

I’m finally breathing.

Breathing away from Within.

I can feel natures presence and Spirit enters within me like a dream.

I’m taken in such bliss because of the love that’s surrounded around me.

I’m in paradise when I hear the wind as it brushes against the trees.

The way its caress is a soft kiss – is such bliss.

The response of the leaves is a melodic hurricane.

I’m a reflection away from what I was currently.

I’ve only taken this time to acknowledge it – out of the business of the day.

I Realize.

I’m only an Oxygen away.

Oxygen away.

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Danny and eye, finally catch up and after Paisley Park! U know, talking about the latest Paisley Thrills.

Thank You, Danny, for breaking down the events in the night, for those who were not included (Including Me)

It’s in the NRG. The embrace of what looks like the end will be returned unto you a thousandfold. It’s only a measure of your faith! How often do you hunger for the wealth of what’s more? It’s all about the energy you give. Give one and it shall be given back to you. The matrix of the plural. 🙂 I believe it!

Paisley Park felt like it supplied recognition for me. ALL of the sounds enhance equilibrium& when you are surrounded by friends and love, you can’t help but dance!

SO thank you to PRINCE, 3EG, Kirk Johnson, and everyone involved! Blessings and love!

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The second night of this Paisley momentum was encouraged by a great wealth of time. LP Music // Long Playing is another way of expressing Leeds and Peterson together. Memories fail me as to the last occasion at Paisley Park where they performed, but this was legendary show nonetheless. The musicianship that belongs to those guys out there is unmatched. They play with such fluent skill, yet you can see how harmonious everyone becomes together. LP Music never missed a beat, and they played with sincere authority! This was only the beginning – with Jazz coming in with a piercing revelation, we are carried to a higher place – not long after we were welcomed to the Luv4OneAnother Room.

Liv Warfield soon took the stage, which lifted all of our souls! The amount of soul and talent this woman possesses is such a thrill to endeavor. So much soul and passion ran through her with a rush of power. We were all in her presence, staring at her gaze and feeling goosebumps all over – when she and her backing singers proved the fire was getting hot. AT one moment, Prince had to run on stage and fan Mama Sae, and Ashley! Haha!  We were all treated shortly after that, with an incredible guitar solo Prince gave us. Ryan gladly handed over his axe, which gave Prince full access to travel to the places he can with his guitar! The amazing highlight of the night!

Overall, So much passion and fire led Paisley Park – I can understand the fire right now. Due to the passion and because of the embrace of true soul music, we can thrive into higher and deeper connections. There were more people out Saturday than Friday. The energy of the crowd is what set, the fire in everyone eyes. We were all in hot anticipation and motivation after realizing, we all made it under the same umbrella. None of us knew what to expect and because of this, we were capable of surrendering out fronts and to just receive. Night Two proved to be a night full of passion and blessing. We were understanding what it means to FREE URSELF. Not only because some heard the new, emotive, and climactic song in the studio, but the walls were breaking down. Several times throughout the show, Liv reminded us we should loosen up! We could jump UP and DOWN! We could move around and release all of the tension built up within us! Sooner or later, we were then all carried by the power – responding with passion just exactly who we are. The music and the sound were only beginning to enter into us deeper!

But don’t just settle for what I got to say, some Purple members stayed with me at Perkins, to help convey the magic and power of the night. 😀

Shout-out to Dorothy, Denise, and Nancy!

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A night a Paisley Park is always a momentum of suspense. No one is quite sure what to expect, but the feeling and the energy is always on time for a monumental delight! Purple people have come from Japan, The UK, and all over the globe just to feel and experience those Paisley Walls. So many for the first time, even the casual people are invited to so much activity! This was NIGHT ONE of the Three Day International Dance Party at Paisley Park in celebration of Prince’s NEW album ‘HITNRUN’.

HNP1 (1)
Night one was immediately introduced, with a wealth of memorabilia, added with music (live music by Lizzo too by the way) and even a personal tour of the studio which added so much more to the experience.

[More Details about the studio tour in the video link below]

The energy of the night was ethereally hypnotic. Everything seemed formed with such thrill, and the sound was of spectacular altitudes. Any night at Paisley Park is a special one to experience, but what made this night even GREATER was the amount of love and joy that entered that place. Spontaneous moments of pure magic, witnessed by the rhythmic dance and vision of love. So many people, that I have seen through the social media clouds were in attendance! Shout out to all of the wonderful people, that attended and connected with me, face to face.

It’s really all love in Paisley Park! So, when you can dance and experience – Prince within his creative walls WITHOUT him even showing himself physically, speaks to the enormity his spirit carries. (Although, he did speak on Speaker Phone with those who took the tour, for a bit 🙂

Anytime, a night like that ends – there is this overflow of NRG! Sleep becomes sleepless, through the awakening of our pulse. Your heart can’t stop running this marathon of joy! You become baptized and fully immersed in the waters of the experience. DID THAT REALLY HAPPEN? DID I REALLY JUST CREATE THOSE WONDERFUL MEMORIES?

YES! And, what a privilege it is, to envelope in those sincere and spectacular moments from time to time. Especially considering, we got two more days to look forward too!