Mind's Eye Thinking...Into Paradise Clarity

Cosmic Dance

Death // while you may be following me with your creepy gaze, I am alive in the galaxies around me. Here’s to breathing life for everything that exists in the cosmos! ✨🍷

This year has been filled with transitions. I don’t ever use the word DEATH in a literal sense because I’ve always seen death to be a transcendence of some kind.

It’s the end in a sense but the beginning of another. Sudden whip of transcendence can come as a surprise because it’s seen to be a thief of time. It comes as no surprise that things are sort of written but who knows if the pen is random or by choice?

I’ve come to understand there is nothing to be known about the shit I don’t know. So, I’m not gonna pretend to be informed when I didn’t read the manual.

You got to check yourself before you assume that you absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt, know why things are the way they are.

Cuz XYZ might be the last 3 of 26 // but ABC is the first 3 of 26. 😁

Ask yourself questions about the universe but don’t be surprised when it gives you answers back. All of it comes right back to you. Even the stuff you dismissed because you couldn’t see that far yet.
Maybe you were further away from the light, so you saw dimly. There’s space in between to get lost in the depth of knowledge.

Sometimes a lot of reality seems unbelievable, but it’s not.

Life is historic.

The more you study people and the world around them, they are ever so fascinating and undeniably predictable. Life draws parallels with our dreams. Dreams then live on to reflect an understanding of possibility.

There’s This, That, There, or over by the corner but on the same street.

Black holes, White Matter, and gray choices.

And another thing: God is whatever you define God to be. Like a perspective. Approach. Idea. Dream. Void. Galaxy. Past. Nothing or Everything. A reaction or a cause? However, you spell it out – if you do any spelling at all.

Everything is fully aligned like the planets around the sun. They are also in orbit – so there’s a slow dance going on.

Death plays a part in it.

Some may consider it divine. Cosmic. Revelation.

Time is yours to define. It’s just you in the middle of a bunch of people dancing.

Some people are Uniformed while others are Deranged but in the middle there’s you.

Sitting in the middle of the party – wanting to dance like crazy or just chilling with a drink in your hand.

Mind's Eye Thinking...Into Paradise Clarity

Are You Keeping Up?

Do you realize time is running out? *That is if you’re paying attention to the time.* If you keep going you’ll catch up to the award. There’s nothing out to get you. Just kidding, a lot is out to captivate and distract you away. Don’t believe the hype! It’s all glamor and bright lights – Hollywood Glitter. Celebrity fame can make your dream and just bounce in and out. Just keep it going steady and make moves!

Find your purpose and start again. Wherever you were going. Go there, keep up with the pace of life and push into your visions. When you get there, keep coming into a knowledge to expand yourself. Times are changing but people are doing the same shit their parents and environments do. Sooner than later you aren’t so phased by the actions of other people. We live in a society ruled by conditions that are rarely questioned or even challenged.

The moment you start doing that – you escape the walls that have been built by society. With knowledge comes responsibility – I refuse to not share the wealth. Knowledge is full of richness. So when you have a chance to inform backward thinking – ignite in bringing awareness. Holding up the mirror may be one of the most vulnerable things one can do in life. It brings to focus all of those things – you may not have known before looking in front of it. Don’t be so quick to get the Windex to clean the windows, wipe your face first. The mirror was just being honest. 😀


If you wanna know why some people arrive at different destinations consider how they are getting around. Shortcuts make it easier for the journey until you reach your destination.You might not be keeping up in the way you wanted to, but that’s OK. Life is full surprises. We know that any or everything can change with a stroke of the butterfly.

Everything is blinking, but when you focus a bit longer than you begin to stare off somewhere distantly. Staring away at all that is in your vision. Life is breathing and everything around you is reminding you to keep up.

You got to keep up. The good news is that you are keeping up because at any given time people are doing the best that they can. Judgment is damned. You’re not aware all the time why people do what they do. There are sometimes warnings and triggers if you pay attention to the patterns. At any rate, lend to the understanding that we are all human and that we all have to go through our own shit.

We need compassion. Compassion is the virtue that lends into empathy and consideration for someone else’s journey. Collectively we’re all in this together, and at the heart – no living thing deserves to be isolated from freedom. So keep up with yourself, keep up with how you consider the other. Not everyone goes through what you go through, and having an understanding of that, makes the difference.

Mind's Eye Thinking...Into Paradise Clarity

The Traveling Raisin, The Lonesome Peanut, and The Abysmal Sunflower Seed

When everything is so small, the curious stranger is the only one who would pay attention to what was in between the cracks. *Become the curious stranger, you might be surprised at what you might learn.*
I found a traveling raisin named Raisin – A Lonesome Peanut named Lonesome, and an abysmal sunflower seed named abyss. The Traveling Raisin, The Lonesome Peanut, & The Abysmal Sunflower Seed had a picnic on ‘Miniature’ avenue. This picnic was in between a crack on a busy sidewalk in New York City. A host of guests attended with them. Including sugar, gum, ants, and occasional pennies. Raisin, Lonesome, and Abyss became good friends because they have been small all of their lives.


In case you are wondering why a peanut, raisin, and sunflower seed are hanging out. First, you got to hack the diminutive state of mind of each character involved. Secondly, you are gonna have to use your imagination and symbolism for this story to make sense to you. Connect the dots. Pick up the pieces and shuffle the puzzle until all is revealed.

The way things roll is because of the way it’s rocking. Everyone is given a clue, but we have to choose to perform our riddle. New information can be subtle and we’re not always ready to engage in the power of that. It’s facing the truth that strips our pride and egoism away. It makes us deal with that we previously held onto. You first got to be willing to accept not everything is what it seems.

Let’s go back to New York City! It’s a BIG City with bright lights and busy people walking back and forth. It’s easy to get lost if you don’t know where you are going. People drop things all the time but the larger things are picked up first because they stand out. Skyscrapers, Bright lights, and people are the signatures of New York. They stand out among the small things. Not many people are concerned with what is hidden in between the sidewalks. The cracks in between are secret storage houses to smaller things like peanuts, raisins, and sunflower seeds.

When you are willing to expand you notice how grand things are within the smallest spectrum. Everything is packed with atoms and filled with life. If you were to take everything and magnify it – and study it closer, you’ll see life is a bunch of small things just packed to make a bigger picture. You got to be willing. Willing to realize the smallest is what makes up the biggest. You must open your mind and heart to new information that may seem daunting. You may not be able to learn much from raisins, peanuts, and sunflower seeds, maybe you rather think about pennies and grains of sand. At any rate, your connection to the smallest is what makes you the largest.

May not make any sense now, but when was the last time a raisin, peanut, and sunflower seed ever came together and find purpose? That’s just it. It did – just now.

If your imagination took you there. 😀

When you are in the company of such small things, you wonder how perspective is shuffled between what is at the top and what rests at the bottom. The answer is always somewhere in between. How far can one go in order establish they share common ancestry with pennies, ants, and the grains of sand?

Poems, Prose, and Songs

Fruit of Constellation

In the unseen, my shadows await their victory. A conqueror of the night takes the proper crown and slays all possible enemies. The fight has returned to a notion of liberty. For if one is free – one must fight and stand for their freedom. The prison is deep with lairs of darkness and symphonies of alienation.

For the time has come where the feast has begun. I wouldn’t dare stuff my face when others have not eaten. Some rather not eat because others have not eaten. Should I allow the food to spoil and to waste because some choose not to attend the party? A feast with no participates – is an uneventful party.

10 stars belong to me and 5 are for you. We have each been given a promise with these stars and the oath is one to decree to the nations. If I give away these stars, I only stand to gain. Giving away all that I have, for what is mine is what also belongs to a stranger. At the very least the crumbs can be a benefit. The breadcrumbs linger and request for the dogs to be fed. I wonder how much do we really need for ourselves?

We are given only so much until we are left with nothing. What then? How can we move past what has already disappeared? What do we have to offer when it’s all gone? The crumbs can’t be for us when we have eaten the main meal.

I’m only eating as a means of survival – the moment I stop. I begin to crave more. A taste for brighter constellations awaits me in the midnight sky. I can’t believe what is slipping away from me at this very moment.

Nothing is here, and time is consuming me as the day chases the night in a hurry – Now 5 stars belong to me and 10 are for you. I am losing but gaining by the eating away of the crumbs.

I’m eating the fruit of constellations.