Dreaming Of A World With More Zeros

Dreaming Of A World With More Zeros

I’m dreaming of a world with more zeros. A future filled with information which doesn’t end but repeats. A loop of daily routine found in a prism of ideas, to yield more discovery. How grand it would be, for our future to endlessly reach more experiences of love.

In a time where research is easily accessible – do you ever stop to think – we have enough information already? There’s so much hidden and revealed, there can’t be anything else left for us to know, right? Nah!

There’s plenty of wisdom left to uncover. The love of wisdom is what philosophy is at the center to root. The encouragement that comes from knowledge is awe-inspiring. The potential of knowledge made to good use revives and stimulates your nerves. When information is accessed properly – it aligns your memories to your eventual dreams.

Dreaming is to uncover those random thoughts that slipped through mundanity. *Let’s be Real: Life can be incredibly stagnant and predictable.* In spite of this, A picture that you briefly looked at it – can come back as a mansion of chandeliers. These can all be set to challenge and remind you of an essence meant to be explored when you wake up.

For a moment – picture every seed as a zero. When you plant zeros in the ground – you are essentially planting nothing. That’s what it seems. A small figure that expands into something Grand. All of the proper conditions must be in sync for it to yield a worthy result. Now think of it:

Dreaming of a world with more seeds.

Wouldn’t this be Grand? Where would we plant all of these seeds? They can’t all go into the ground – that would be limiting every other pocket waiting to be filled. Plant seeds in the clouds, souls, Children, etc. You’ll never have a shortage of places to plant seeds.

The more you plant those seeds – your zeros will stand among the many.

My dream is now living life with more seeds. More opportunities that await a future that’s entwined with past and present. It’s not that hard to see. A life that encourages us to plant seeds. To intend for a result which performs positivity.


Pockets Upon, Pockets…(IN THE POCKET: ACCESS)


I’m all for pocket equality!

I think it’s a shame that a lot of fashion industries don’t design, the greater majority of Women’s clothing with some kind of (USEFUL) pocket.

Check out this cool article, explaining in the depth, the larger issue of gender politics as it relates to pockets.

I never understood mock pockets. Why go through the effort to give the illusion of a pocket, when you can’t access it? -__- That’s a cruel way to hammer reality. The worst thing in the world is having to go somewhere without any access. No kind of vehicle. BUT I’m just rambling! 😀

Have you ever thought about how many pockets are around you, and what would today look like if you didn’t have any of them?

I imagine not everyone wants to carry a purse or bag all the time.

Pockets are all about easy access, taking that away is a crime.