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Anonymous Eggs

What’s gonna crack?

Will it be the bone, glass, or the burden on my back?

The riddled shipment came on my front door, it was a packet of anonymous eggs!

By the size of them, you would think they had legs!

Maybe they were supposed to fall from an eagle onto some distant oak tree?

But, since they landed on my doorstep – they solely are for me!

Now, what the hell will I do with a basket full of hope that might turn asunder?

Damn! I just dropped them and they sounded like lightning and thunder!

Anonymous eggs are the random possibilities that may hatch or crack on our doorsteps. Who will solve the riddle? The very few who paid attention to the clues and picked up what was hanging on the coat tail, OF COURSE! (Not many :D) ‘Riddle Me That’ is my next and final project that I am releasing in a long while. I realized looking back at my videos that they have suffered due to poor quality tools. My production is evidence of old materials that are swimming to reach the shore of glistening clarity.

I also realize all of the time I put into creating a project and how much of that creative energy, can be used for a disciplined writing schedule. After all, I am in the process of writing my book and a new wave of creative juices are flowing. Also, I’d like to make room for other ways I can connect with people through community organizing. My words will remain the stage providing a foundation for something new. I’m just being real about what is looking back at me. So much work to do but so much is already coming!

We’re all sending each other anonymous eggs and some of them crack like Humpty Dumpty while others may hatch into something meaningful. Thank you to everyone who has followed along already! A huge shout out to those who are following along and are already to expand with me in this (k)new year. (All thr33 of yall!!!) As empirical as I strive to be, I somehow convince myself something will change when it’s a new year. (It’s been proven that the universe experiences no significant changes, but humans alas finds a correlation!) Ain’t nothing wrong with connecting the dots and numerology is a great way of exploring the ways x meets y. I’m still in 1999 although I was 7 at the time – here is to cracking and hatching! Once, either of them happens – ain’t much you can do besides clean up or provide cultivation for what is alive! (unless you’re boiled into a hard egg, after which you’d be as funky as ever.

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The Traveling Raisin, The Lonesome Peanut, and The Abysmal Sunflower Seed

When everything is so small, the curious stranger is the only one who would pay attention to what was in between the cracks. *Become the curious stranger, you might be surprised at what you might learn.*
I found a traveling raisin named Raisin – A Lonesome Peanut named Lonesome, and an abysmal sunflower seed named abyss. The Traveling Raisin, The Lonesome Peanut, & The Abysmal Sunflower Seed had a picnic on ‘Miniature’ avenue. This picnic was in between a crack on a busy sidewalk in New York City. A host of guests attended with them. Including sugar, gum, ants, and occasional pennies. Raisin, Lonesome, and Abyss became good friends because they have been small all of their lives.


In case you are wondering why a peanut, raisin, and sunflower seed are hanging out. First, you got to hack the diminutive state of mind of each character involved. Secondly, you are gonna have to use your imagination and symbolism for this story to make sense to you. Connect the dots. Pick up the pieces and shuffle the puzzle until all is revealed.

The way things roll is because of the way it’s rocking. Everyone is given a clue, but we have to choose to perform our riddle. New information can be subtle and we’re not always ready to engage in the power of that. It’s facing the truth that strips our pride and egoism away. It makes us deal with that we previously held onto. You first got to be willing to accept not everything is what it seems.

Let’s go back to New York City! It’s a BIG City with bright lights and busy people walking back and forth. It’s easy to get lost if you don’t know where you are going. People drop things all the time but the larger things are picked up first because they stand out. Skyscrapers, Bright lights, and people are the signatures of New York. They stand out among the small things. Not many people are concerned with what is hidden in between the sidewalks. The cracks in between are secret storage houses to smaller things like peanuts, raisins, and sunflower seeds.

When you are willing to expand you notice how grand things are within the smallest spectrum. Everything is packed with atoms and filled with life. If you were to take everything and magnify it – and study it closer, you’ll see life is a bunch of small things just packed to make a bigger picture. You got to be willing. Willing to realize the smallest is what makes up the biggest. You must open your mind and heart to new information that may seem daunting. You may not be able to learn much from raisins, peanuts, and sunflower seeds, maybe you rather think about pennies and grains of sand. At any rate, your connection to the smallest is what makes you the largest.

May not make any sense now, but when was the last time a raisin, peanut, and sunflower seed ever came together and find purpose? That’s just it. It did – just now.

If your imagination took you there. 😀

When you are in the company of such small things, you wonder how perspective is shuffled between what is at the top and what rests at the bottom. The answer is always somewhere in between. How far can one go in order establish they share common ancestry with pennies, ants, and the grains of sand?